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How hackers make money from your hacked website

This is going to be a surprise for most of you.

Below are the most common reasons that a hacker hacks.

  • To improve their client SEO by filling your site with links. The clients usually do not realize they are paying a hacker.
  • To send spam emails from a server that hasn’t been blacklisted by email providers.
  • To make money by replacing or adding advertisements to your website.
  • To use your website’s resources for cryptocurrency mining.
  • To steal credit card info and credentials. Usually, they install a backdoor on your server to steal customer data.
  • To use your website as a place to store downloads containing viruses.
  •  Hackers can host malware such as ransomware which can then be spread around the internet, with your website as the host. A compromised web server can also be used in hacking campaigns, with malicious attacks against other organizations originating from your web server.
  • To sell information. Personal information like names, credentials, addresses, and phone numbers are sold by hackers in bulk. Quartz estimates that a full set of someone’s personal information including identification number, address, birthdate, and possibly credit card info can cost between $1 and $450 in the black market.

25% of all web traffic is actually from malicious bots scouring the web for websites they can hack. Bots are not selective in who they target, you could be some super awesome local charity and if you are ignoring security, in due time you will be hacked.

Protect your Website

Security measures are important, but additional WordPress security features should be implemented. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website developers. As a result, the platform attracts many hackers. Website owners need to take responsibility for protecting their WordPress sites from viruses.

To protect yourself from viruses, you should implement basic security measures and additional WordPress security features that will keep your site safe.

The financial impact of a hacking attack can be huge, and the cost of your website being hacked can be even higher. Don’t let it be too late.