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Check out all the features of our B2B wholesale solution.

Empower Your Enterprise: Unleashing the Potential of B2B Solutions

Incorporate wholesale capabilities, featuring discount rules, wholesale registration forms, user role management, bulk ordering options, and beyond

Dynamic Discounts

Create reduced prices for different customer groups or per customer personally. The reduced price could be based on product categories or per specific products. The discounted prices could be based on quantity or just product discounts.

User Roles

Tailored user roles and access levels can be customized, along with personalized discounts, to enhance customer experiences effectively

Request a Quote

Effortlessly negotiate prices or conveniently save, modify, and oversee quotations through the ‘Request A Quote’ functionality.


The integrated messaging feature enables customers to communicate directly with store owners to inquire about products.

Product Visibility

Show or hide particular products to guests or registered users.

Minimum Purchase Rules

Set minimum or maximum purchase limits to qualify for discounts.

Free Shipping

Provide free shipping to all customers or selected groups.

Custom Registration Form

Expand your B2B registration form with as many fields as you want.

Payment Methods

Manage the available payment methods for both users and products.

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